The Mortuary Assistant

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You’ve been looking forward to doing many jobs, but hanging out with dead people as a day job hasn’t been one of them.
In The Mortuary Assistant, you will constantly think: „It can’t get any worse, “ and then - it gets worse.

First of all - you will really have to work. Second, you’ll get traumatized and still have to get back to work. And also, you won’t get paid. But you will hate this game so much that you will wanna play it again.

As a the Mortuary Assistant Rebecca, you’ll start happily and almost ecstatic in your new job as well, a mortuary assistant. What could go wrong?

Well, basically everything.

Your first day at work is a complete mess - you haven’t been given any passwords, the lights are not working, and some working materials constantly disappear.

After you figured out how to properly apply embalming fluid and formaldehyde, you hope that you’re hallucinating since you had no idea how to use them, but OK - at least you get some rest.

I hate this game. I hate this game so much. I have no words. There is not even one second where you are not expecting something to happen that shouldn’t happen. It’s morbid, full of dire premonitions, and you will constantly feel like something terrible is going to happen, which then is. But you want to get more. You can’t let it go.

The noises. You almost smell the room you’re in and can’t believe that you’re still doing your job and not running away as fast as you can.

The Mortuary Assistant is the opposite of anything I would ever want to do in real life. You couldn’t pay me enough to do this job. It’s almost like a Horror Simulator.

It’s not only the supernatural elements. It’s actually the simulation of being a real Mortuary assistant that gets me.

The game also comes with a „Haunt System“ - This system will trigger different haunting experiences and story events based on your activities during the game. Different bodies, demons, and events.

I’ll try to stay sane until I reach the end of the game, but I can’t promise.

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